Saturday, August 4, 2012

Some research I've been doing on Boise State's offense in 2010, the last year under Harsin as OC.  A few quick things- the games are "generally" from beginning of the season to the end. (I did the research backwards, though, so the top game on each page comes after the previous game, at the bottom.  Just look at the dates with the opponent if you need.) 

In regards to yards, I don't like how sack yardage lost is taken from rushin yards in the NCAA, so I just pulled them out and listed them under the quarter they occurred in each game, if at all.  (BTW, Boise only gave up 8 sacks the entire 2010 season.  Think that doesn't help an offense??)  Furthermore, I considered pulling out rushing plays that were simply kneel downs to run out clock, but I decided against it.  Maybe I'll remove that later, but I just decided to keep it as is for now.  Obviously, those plays only happen at the end of the 2nd quarter (rarely) and in the 4th quarter.

Finally, I haven't tried to draw too many conclusions yet, but I did find it interesting that in every game but one, Boise State had more passing attempts than run attempts  in the second quarter.  Definitely not an accident if it happens in 12 of 13 games.  Although it helped to have someone like Kellen Moore at the helm.

Anyway, feel free to click on the spreadsheets to enlarge, and I'd love to see feedback and thoughts on this page or in the thread this was posted in....  Thanks.

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